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Gun Violence is Escalating In the COVID-19 Era

Gun Violence is Escalating In the COVID-19 Era

“According to data from the Philadelphia Police Department, in the four weeks ending March 22, 2020, almost all crime categories — including overall violent crime — saw large declines compared with the prior four weeks. An exception is shootings, which have risen 22%, to 106, in the last four weeks.” The Philadelphia Inquirer.


This is just one example of a national phenomenon. So, given the escalating gun violence…


what can we do about it?


Being prepared is one positive step we can take. When we return to work where we spend about 1/3 of our time, it makes sense to learn what to do if the unthinkable happens.


Equipping staff with the skills to protect themselves in an active shooter event is the responsibility of executive leadership, particularly in the banking sector where the risk is high. With the prime rate at 0, this is a good time to fund a training program that will give your team a fighting chance to survive an active shooting catastrophe.