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We are leaders in the Defense Training industry. Our Training programs are designed to train employees in the protocol for surviving an assault in the workplace. We teach your staff, what to do in the event of an attack. Using action-driven, simulation scenarios with props or live fire as need be, employees fully participate in the training to transform their mindsets from passive victims to active survivors and to create the muscle memory necessary to overcome the shock, fear, and chaos of an assault. We are the real deal and are poles apart from other forms of training – lectures, webinars, power points, and consultations as they are highly ineffective; it is like learning to swim online.

Is Your Staff Prepared to Take Action in an Aggressive Event?
The Current Threat Level

Lives lost in 2023 to Guns
Population to Gun ratio
Deaths per day by a firearm

The last thing an assailant expects is a Staff trained in ProActive Defense.

ProDefense USA is pleased to offer, the country’s premier action-driven, Simulation Training

Protect Your Employees and Your Business

The Three Pillars

ProDefense USA Training Programs are Intended to Help employees Survive an aggressive Event.

Pillar 1: Awareness

Our Instructors begin by educating participants on the current threat level using data and statistics to drive home the importance of vigilance and the necessity of preparation.

Pillar 2: Response

The programs use action-driven, simulation scenarios with props or live fire per the curriculum, where employers fully participate to transform their mindsets from passive victims to active survivors and to create the muscle memory necessary to overcome the shock, fear, and chaos of an attack.

Pillar 3: Defense

When all else fails, it’s time to fight. Our Instructors drill employees on defense techniques per the curriculum that are effective for the average person as well as a military/law enforcement trained person to learn and execute.

Our Training Philosophy

The Three Pillars

Our Programs are grounded in the three foundational principles of Proactive Defense.




Our customized training programs are designed to your requirements and provide you with an Emergency Response Plan (ERP) for your facility. Your location-specific ERP includes an evacuation protocol and identifies areas that provide adequate cover and areas that are dangerous. Simulation training covers weapons training, weapons disarming, and EMT protocols. Live fire is used only when necessary. Simulation training creates muscle memory through active drills to help your staff overcome the shock, fear, and chaos of an actual assault.

Simulated Scenarios

We micro-customize training programs and develop a curriculum for our clients and conduct them at clients or our designated facilities. Simulation Training is the only methodology that adequately prepares employees to take proper action during an attack. The Department of Homeland Security clearly states “The most effective way to train your staff is to conduct mock training exercises”. Classroom instruction, online courses, and lectures can’t shift mindsets or create muscle memory.


Simulation Training shifts the mindsets of employees from passive victims to active survivors and creates the muscle memory necessary to survive an assault.

Expertise & Experience

Our instructors are veterans of the US armed forces and Intelligence Agency professionals. They have been in high-ranking executive capacities, fought wars, run hundreds of missions across the globe, worked for and alongside the Secret Service, and have been awarded Purple Hearts and other combat-related medals.

Our training team, unlike other programs, gives one-on-one training to each employee in their facility so that they are better prepared to survive an attack.


We have trained hundreds of people—read what actual participants have to say about the Active Victim programs (comments are unedited):