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ProDefense USA Instructors

Our Team of Defense Experts

ProDefense USA has 21 core Instructors ready to be deployed who are decorated, certified, and licensed experts in their fields that empower us to provide quality training per DHS recommendations. Our instructors have experience in teaching defensive tactics for violent situations. Instructors are veterans of the US Armed Forces, US Intelligence Community, and Martial Arts disciplines; they have fought wars, run hundreds of missions across the globe, worked with and alongside the Secret Service, are Purple Heart recipients, and have been awarded many other medals and commendations. Our Instructors are committed teachers, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and passionate about helping people gain the skills of defense preparedness they need to protect themselves.

Some of ProDefense USA Instructors

Ron Aledo

Fmr Central Intelligence Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency – The Pentagon,  US Army, Intelligence Specialist

Joe Cafarelli

Chief of Police, Ex-Swat, Detective Sargent, United States Marine

Brandy Whittington

Decorated US Navy Veteran,Master Training Specialist, Navy Certified Sexual Assault Prevention Response & Victim Advocate

Jim Arbuckle

Personal protection specialist, Federal assignments and US Army Veteran

Jermaine Glover

Award-Winning Military Security Force Trainer and Police Operations

Nathan Dee

US Marine, Wounded Veteran, Weapons Safety Expert

Purple Heart

Norberto Ioan

Award-Winning Martial Arts Champion – Sixth Degree Dan Black Belt

Michael R. Mantell, Ph.D.

Top Behavior Science Expert