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The training will teach corporations situational awareness. It will teach the importance of teamwork and communication protocols. The ability to teach and train your employees on defensive tactics and medical preparedness. The training will create specific exercises for each individual corporation ~ Mike Ryan, Award-Winning New York Police Department Law Enforcement Officer. Mike is a trainer with Active Victim.
Active shooter training is essential to increase your survival rate. We want you to have a plan of action in place for this type pf situation. We create a learning environment that prepares and empowers you to take control. Our goal is to transfer the skills of survival through practical exercises so you can know how to react. This is exactly what Active Victim does. ~ Rosa Velex-Ryan Decorated New York Police Department Law Enforcement Officer. Rosa is a Trainer with Active Victim
Active shooter is very rare, but it happens. On a global scale countries strive to eliminate the active shooter threat, although the uniqueness of it makes it quite hard to stop it. By having workplace and self-awareness is the start.  Active Victim helps you gain the knowledge, but also places your safety as a #1 priority.  This program adds to your confidence to help you protect yourself and others if faced with a challenge. Train with Active Victim to be proactive instead of reactive for an active shooter situation. ~ Jermaine Glover, Active US Navy Award winning Security Force Trainer and Police Operations. Jay is a trainer with Active Victim
The average response time for law enforcement to an active attacker event is 3 - 5 minutes. For those especially important minutes, you are your own first responders. If you don’t have a plan and/or you haven’t practiced that plan, you will panic and your chances of survival drops to slim.  This training is a start to your planning and practicing for your business and you. Our hands-on training has been proven more effective that just listening to the lectures of other trainings. ~ Nathan Dee, US Marine, Wounded Veteran, Weapons Safety Expert. Nate is a trainer with Active Victim
"With the sudden onset of the Covid 19 pandemic, loss of employment and drops in wages have a high potential of causing an increase in work place violence. An active shooter Can arise from this. Now more than ever is the time to have the proper knowledge to recognizing a potential threat, preventing the threat and having the proper skillset to react accordingly should an active shooter situation take place." While OSHA has not set specific requirements for Active Shooter Response Training, Active Victim is taking the initiative to establish a nationwide standard operating procedure. As more companies grow to adopt the Active Victim program, every employee across the country will know how to respond in any workplace environment. ~ Jim Arbuckle, Personal protection specialist on a Federal Assignment oversees, and US Army Veteran. Jim is a Trainer at Active Victim

“Time and again we see the key to surviving an Active Shooter Event is how quickly those involved recognize the threat for what it is and how quickly they can react to the threat decisively. Until first responders arrive, you are the first responder responsible for your own survival. Interactive force-on-force training builds the skills to not just survive the encounter, but to prevail. Active Victim provides the skills necessary to prevail in the active shooter encounter.”

~ Joe Cafarelli, Chief of Police, Ex-Swat, Detective Sargent, United States Marine. Joe is a Trainer at Active Victim

Active Victim is a prime training program that any office/workplace in the US must include.  It is the best anti mass shooter program in the U.S. It has been developed by subject matter experts taking into consideration decades of law enforcement and military experience in the concrete context of mass shootings in the U.S. It is based on real experience and helps supervisors and employees alike to survive in a potential mass shooting event. It relays proven techniques for planning, risk reduction, evasion, prevention, and its unique hands on self defense training. A complete 360 program any workplace in the US must take to increase the safe place concept of the American workforce.  ~ Ron Aledo, Ex- CIA, DIA – The Pentagon, DHS, United States Marine Corps, Intelligence Specialist. Ron is the COO and Trainer at Active Victim
"Learning how to disarm the perpetrator"
"The most important was to learn how to disarm an assailant"
"Self Defense, disarm technique"

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