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Training Programs

Is a Classroom Lecture the Same as Hands-on Training?

The answer is simple…NO!. You can’t say you know how to drive a car if you’ve only sat in a classroom and have never been behind the wheel. This is why simulation training is imperative for employees. Each program is designed per your requirements and per the current skill level of your employees. We design programs from simple self-defense classes to military-grade training. Our programs are flexible and designed to prepare employees to survive an assault in their workplace. Our training programs give employees the necessary skills to handle such critical situations.

Survival is the focus of the programs. Our Instructors are not trying to create heroes. They are trying to keep people alive. Our programs are approximately 75% physical activity, which includes simulated mock drills in the form of hands-on training with weapon disarms, other decided curricula, and approximately 30% interactive discussions and questions. Our Instructors provide a more specialized, more effective training regimen than other programs on the market.

Our Instructors use active simulations to impart quality training to participants. Training also includes critical care protocols to assist the wounded. Instructors also save time for Q&A; when time permits, they share real combat stories from the battlefield or provide insights into various intelligence programs and strategies. Training is far from boring the way classroom instruction, online courses, and lectures typically are.

The Active Shooter Simulation Training
Pure civilian training program

ASST is a customized, location-specific training program for your everyday office going staff up to 30 people with 2 instructors at your facility with 2 sessions a day. The program includes the following:


  1. Pre-Training zoom orientation for your staff to sensitize and educate them on active shooters as well as what to expect on training day
  2. 4-hour, on-site Session
  3.  Full participation in live, action-driven simulation scenarios with props
  4. Beyond Run-Hide-Fight – the the “how” of survival
  5.  EMT techniques
  6.  Risk assessment from an Active Shooter standpoint, Location-specific color- coded Emergency Response Plan (ERP)
  7.  Certificate of Training for both Individuals and the Organization to mitigate  OSHA liability.

Weekend/C – Suite offsite training Pure Civilian Training Program

This special weekend version of the program is designed and customized for C–suite executives, families, and people who travel regularly. These are personal programs where families can come with kids and learn special skills as families to protect themselves. Programs are mixed with fun where participants are taken to swanky villas with our personal chefs and drinks on the house. Training is mixed with a relaxing atmosphere. Programs teach self-defense, anti-car-jacking, and anti-kidnapping among other defense tactics. Participants are free to add anything they want to learn. This program is a good defense when there may be no EP protection or to fortify themselves

Flexible Designed training
Civilian & Armed training

These programs are highly customized and designed for client-specific requirements. We develop military grade curricula for State Departments, large enterprises (real estate companies, casinos, asset management, etc), EP companies, Corporations, and Family Offices among others.


As a sample, we teach Firearms Handling (advanced), Off-hand shooting (live), Speed and accuracy, advanced medical training, Protective Operations, Protective ring of security, K diamond, Captive recovery, and extraction, Venue advance, Reflexive Fire, Close Quarters Battle, Building entry, Priority of threat, Hallway techniques, Movement formations. Any other requirements can be added.

Intelligence Training
Civilians, Investigators, C suite

This program is designed for intelligence operations and delivered by highly qualified veterans of the intelligence agencies using open-source information only. The program is delivered worldwide in English and Spanish (in person or online with limited content) and includes an Introduction to Intelligence, Counterterrorism, Threat and Surveillance, Counter-Narcotics, a Master Class in Espionage 3 Day master class into Intelligence Analysis and operations, real-life Field exercises. We can customize this program to suit specific client needs.