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Ron Aledo

Ron Aledo is the Chief Operating Officer and trainer at Active Victim

Ex- CIA (ctr), United States Army, Intelligence Specialist among other postings.

• Former GS 15

• Senior counter-narcotics, politico-military and counterintelligence all source analyst 

• Wrote intelligence products for the White House Intelligence Committee/ National Intelligence Council (NIC) 

• Intelligence Advisor for the Afghan National Police in Kabul for over 12 months. 

• Wrote briefing memos used by DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano in private meetings with foreign leaders 

• Served as intelligence and operations personal advisor for the Department of Homeland Assistant Secretary for International Relations

• Graduate of the US Army Logistics School and Special Warfare School 

• Served as senior editor and SME for the new US Army Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) online course, US Army Intelligence School 

• Masters degree in international relations, over 20 years experience as Army officer, FBI investigator, DIA and CIA intelligence analyst (ctr.) and DHS Director of regional affairs. 

• Expert in HUMINT analysis. Wrote open source unclass analysis in 2002 for the US Army, conclusion: Iraq most likely has no WMDs 

• Trained high rank military officers for IRAQI FREEDOM in civil affairs and special operations. Wrote First Cavalry Division, U.S Army guide for Iraq (25,000 copies printed) 

• Traveled abroad in support of operations 

• Spent time in CAMP PEARY. Former instructor Military Academy of Bogota, Colombia, former instructor Colombian Special Forces (COMANDOS) 

• Over 10 years overseas experience to include 3 years as force protection/ counterterrorism officer in Germany and 1 year in Afghanistan and missions in Iraq and Colombia 

• Studied in Spain, Germany and England. Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Latin American, European, Asian and Middle Eastern threats 

• Acted as University Professor for intelligence courses in Madrid, Spain

• Gave lectures and seminars in intelligence analysis, critical thinking, economic intelligence, terrorism and geopolitics to thousands of people including high rank corporative leaders, military and government officers 

• Participated in many television and radio talk shows, gave conferences about geopolitics, terrorism and several intelligence, military and police subjects 

• Gave seminars in the Spanish Army War College, the Spanish National Police Academy, University of Alicante, Nebrija University, and the Spanish National Security Council among others 

• Explained to thousands of students and business professionals the unclassified methodology for all source intelligence analysis and operations. Explained terrorism threats to senior intelligence


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