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Onsite Training Program


On-Site Active Shooter training

Program Summary

This is a 4-hour program conducted at your facility with a maximum of 40 participants per session with at least 2 qualified trainers. This program is a mix of classroom instruction and physical, hands-on training with fake weapons.

The topics and physical hands-on training covered are:

Ø  History of Active Shooters

Ø  Why we train and OSHA liability

Ø  Complete Team Profiles: Our trainers are from the CIA, DIA – The Pentagon, US Marines, US Navy, Law Enforcement, and Martial Arts. They have held active and previous security clearances.

Ø  Phases and types of Active Shooters, strategies to survive an active shooter event

Ø  Responding correctly to law enforcement; when and what to say on a 911 call

Ø  Basic body physics on the amount of blood, blood loss per minute which decide between life and death

Ø  Interactive drills on life-saving strategies

Ø  Timed physical practice of tourniquets by each participant under stress

Ø  Practice setting up the room once shots are heard

Ø  Practice physical disarms with fake weapons includes different scenarios, multiple shooters, multiple weapons

Ø  Extra practice available on request

Ø  Ample time of Q & A

Ø  Sharing of real battle story or intelligence program demo as time permits


Note:     * Trainers are qualified veterans that have served our Nation and made us Proud.

   * NO real weapons are used. If there is a medical condition like PTSD, participants can leave the training at any time for any reason.

   * Training is at free will and not compulsory for anyone.

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