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Global Services

Executive Services

This global includes services to people of importance, heads of companies, heads of state.

• Training of entire police forces globally 

• Executive protection services to dignitaries with full cover protection including the provision of armored cars

• Humint intelligence training by an Ex-CIA trainer

• Advanced firearms training

• Defensive driving

• Counter-terrorism training 

• Provision of K9 dogs, trainers, handlers. Pre-trained K9's or K9's that can be trained. K9's trained with different capabilities to detect explosives, narcotics, and other substances

*Note: Our trainers are certified to teach on foreign soil. All international programs would be carried out with the express permission of ITARS (International Traffic in Arms Regulations). This branch of the United States government exclusively approves training programs carried out by American companies on foreign soil. This makes sure that no information/training being imparted violates any confidentiality protocols as established by The Defense Secrets Act of 1911 ( Pub.L. 61–470) as well as other provisions of the law.


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