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Self Designed Program


Flexible Self Design Program 

This program is for adults with basic self-defense skills who want to move to a more advanced level. Our veteran trainers provide specialized exercises in shooting, survival, fighting, and more. The precise curriculum is determined by your current skill level. We have highly accomplished trainers that can train you in a variety of techniques including those developed by and for US Intelligence agencies

Program Summary

Minimum 8 participants - maximum of 12 with 2 to 3 qualified trainers. Our program coordinator will interact with you and set up a program that suits your needs. This may or may not include entertainment and non-training related activities depending on your preference.

The topics covered under the program are:

Ø  Basic Active Shooter training

Ø  Personal self-defense

Ø  Advanced shooting games and exercises in an outdoor gun range

Ø  Advanced chokes, fights, fistfights and flips

Ø  Real-life Battle stories from our veteran trainers

 Note: Real weapons are used under strict supervision and ONLY at a certified gun range

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