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C–Suite Offsite Training

C-Suite Personal Protection Training

The C-Suite Personal Protection Training Program is held over a weekend and is specifically designed for C-suite executives. Spouses and children are invited to attend these completely customized programs. Fun and training are combined to create an exciting,  instructive experience.

Participants stay in a luxury villa where they will enjoy fine dining and poolside recreation. Training is conducted morning to late aftrnoon on Day 1 and Day 2 with amble time to relax and enjoy the luxurious accomodations. A Concierge will help plan your stay, your menu, and arrange for any specialized services you may require. Children and adults train separately.

Program Summary

The weekend is available to a single couple and or families with children. Meals will be prepared by a personal chef and are included in the cost of the program. Bring your own favorite beverages, or opt to have your chef supply appropriate wines and cocktails for an additional fee. We recommend driving to the site to avoid the risk of air travel. 

The topics covered under the program are:

For Kids (training separately)

Ø  Breaking boards, anti-bullying, anti-kidnapping, basic self defense

Ø  When parents train, our chaperons take over to care for and entertain children with jeep rides,  water parks and more!

For Adults

Ø  Basic Active Shooter training

Ø  Personal self-defense

Ø  Fistfights, knife fights

Ø  Basic survival techniques

Ø  Anti-kidnaping

Ø  Anti carjacking

Ø  Ample Q & A

Ø  Your trainer can share real stories from the battlefield and the world of Intelligence Operations.

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