Active Shooter Training Programs

Is a Classroom Lecture the Same as Active Shooter Training?

The answer is simple…no. You can’t say you know how to drive a car if you’ve only sat in a classroom and have never been behind the wheel. This is why active shooter simulation training is imperative for employees. The ASST program was designed to prepare employees to survive an active shooter assault in their workplace. Our workplace active shooter response training program provides employees with the necessary skills to handle such critical situations.

Survival is the focus of the ASST programs. ASST Trainers are not trying to create heroes. They are trying to keep people alive. Our workplace violence, response & active shooter simulation training program (ASST) is approximately 70% physical activity, which includes simulated mock active shooter drills in the form of hands-on training with weapon disarms, and approximately 30% interactive discussions and questions. ASST Trainers provide a more specialized, more effective training regimen than other programs on the market.

ASST Trainers would never suggest staff throw knives, scissors, or fire extinguishers at an intruder with an assault weapon. Instead, they use active simulations to train participants in techniques for disarming the attacker. Training also includes critical care protocols to assist the wounded. Trainers also save time for Q & A, and when time permits, they share real combat stories from the battlefield or provide insights into various intelligence programs and strategies. Training is far from boring the way classroom instruction, online courses and law enforcement lectures typically are.

The Active Shooter Simulation Training Program

The ASST program is a customized, location specific plan training up to 30 people at your facility. The program includes the following:

1. 4-hour, on-site Session

2. Full participation in live, action-driven simulation scenarios with props

3. Beyond Run-Hide-Fight - the the “how” of survival

4. EMT techniques

5. Location-specific Emergency Response Plan (ERP)

6. Certificate of Training for both Individuals and the Organization

Weekend/C – Suite offsite training

This special weekend version of the ASST program was designed and customized for C–suite executives, families, people who travel regularly and anyone who wants to learn how to stay safe. These are personal programs, and each one is fully customized. Call 628-400-1805 for details.

Flexible self-designed training

This completely flexible option for the ASST program can be done on or offsite, and you select the curriculum. Choose the skills you want to develop and the ASST trainers will develop the appropriate training regimen. Call 628-400-1805 for details.

Executive Services

This option for the ASST program is a global program in English and Spanish that includes Introduction to Intelligence, Counterterrorism, Threat and Survelliance, Counter-Narcotics, Master class in Espionage (3 Day master class into Intelligence analysis and operations), Filed exercises, Bodyguard training for VIP protection. Email - for details.

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